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January 16, 2013

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Working together to end Human Trafficking

The Fahr Group is financially supporting and endorsing the Joy Smith Foundation in its efforts to raise support for victims of Human Trafficking in Canada – too many Canadians have been trafficked in our own country.

It is the fastest growing and second most lucrative criminal enterprise globally. Young girls and boys are taken from Canadian streets and sold abroad. Vulnerable internationals are coerced into prostitution in Canada. This is a crime that reaches all elements of our society.”

Joy Smith Picture

Left to Right: Mrs. Patricia Fahr, Mrs. Joy Smith, Mr. Johnathan Fahr

About the Foundation

The Joy Smith Foundation works to ensure that every Canadian man, woman and child is safe from manipulation, force, or abuse of power designed to lure and exploit them into the sex trade or forced labour. This is achieved through educating the public, and providing funds and support to front-line organizations that rescue and rehabilitate victims and safeguard all Canadians from human trafficking.

What is Human Trafficking?

"Human Trafficking, also known as Modern Day Slavery, is the recruitment, transportation, or harbouring of persons for the purpose of exploitation, typically in the sex trade or forced labour. It is the fastest growing and second most lucrative criminal enterprise globally. Young girls and boys are taken from Canadian streets and sold abroad. Vulnerable internationals are coerced into prostitution in Canada. This is a crime that reaches all elements of our society.”

For Information about the Joy Smith Foundation or information on the upcoming Fundraising Dinner on April 11, 2013 please visit the Foundation website by clicking here.

Fahr Family Tradition..

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October 2, 2012
For Immediate Release

Fahr Family Tradition - Northwinds Magazine Article

Some of you may know the Fahr Family from buying eggs from their family farm many years ago; well the family is still living in the community and has been developing land over the years with its most recent subdivision Prairie Ridge just along Rebeck Rd and Andrews Rd at the north side of the Municipality.

The Fahr Family Company which is now called The Fahr Group is a multi faceted company that specializes in Land Development, Project Management, Planning and Agribusiness. On the same farm where you could buy eggs from is the next project they have their eyes on developing. The ‘Fahr Lands’ Subdivision in East St. Paul is located between Raleigh and Manlius just north of Hoddinott Rd. The family has been living and farming on that same land since the early 1950‘s. The area encompasses 500 acres of land some of which was once slated for an oil refinery by B.A. Oil Company that bought the land in 1959. However, as East St Paul was being labelled as a potential “Gasoline Alley” the Fahr family along with 1,200 resident’s and the help from Council opposed the rezoning application and the refinery was denied. The Fahr Family later obtained the land to expand farming operations in the community.

Johnathan Fahr VP of Operations quoted that as they move forward with developing the property they will be having open discussions with residents on how they would like to see the subdivision take shape. A website called PlaceSpeak will be implemented and will serve as an innovate way to foster community collaboration. Currently Johnathan said that there is a demand for residential development but there is higher demand for commercial space in the Municipality and their solution is a ‘Village Centre’ concept. This small scale centre will attract smaller boutique shops so residents can do their day to day shopping in East St Paul. Along with the Village Centre will come green space for community events and farmers markets. Along with single family homes the Fahr Group will open up multifamily areas within close proximity to the Village Centre. William Fahr, President of the Fahr Group states there is the need for more condo living. Many residents in the community are looking to downsize from their larger homes to more affordable condo style living, while at the same time remaining in East St Paul.

Wayne & Mark Penner of Royal LePage Prime agree. They have worked closely with the Fahr Family and recognize the need for alternative housing options rather than just single family in the community; retired couples are looking for a carefree condo lifestyle and believe that this village centre will accomplish this. The Fahr Lands concept is the future for East St Paul. Johnathan Fahr, VP Operations  states this type of concept is becoming more common in other parts of the country and that communities around major urban centres tend not to designate or attract commercial tenants, this is due to the close proximity to a major centre like Winnipeg, but to achieve a healthy community there needs to be these services and different housing options in every community.

As their plans unfold they will allow for community collaboration on their PlaceSpeak website and also with community open houses. William Fahr, President noted that we are not here to rush a subdivision application through the process. We want engagement with community stakeholders so that we can develop a product that matches the community around it and a village centre that residents will utilize along with working with East St. Paul on sustaining municipal services for the existing and future residents.

The Fahr Group is committed to building a long-term relationship with East St. Paul and its residents, helping to develop the community with vision and values that we all share. Their top goals in developing a community is their ‘Planning Wheel’ which is a Healthy, Safe, Accessible, Competitive, and Lively community.

You can visit their website  for more information on the project as it unfolds or contact them at 204.272.2262 [Call: 204.272.2262] or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  The PlaceSpeak website can be found from their website or by this link

Source --- Northwinds Reporter

Prairie Ridge Drive...

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July 31, 2012

For Immediate Release
Prairie Ridge Subdivision – East St. Paul

Please be advised that Prairie Ridge Drive will open at 12:01am Wednesday August 1st 2012.
The road will be open to local traffic – please use caution as builders and construction traffic will be in the area.
If there is a security concern regarding the subdivision site please call Impact Security at 1-866-385-7037 [Call: 1-866-385-7037]